SpikeOn Team Welcomes New Advisory Board Member Mr. Abhishek Chadha

Press Release

SpikeOn, a leading and fast-growing Next-Gen technology and digital services organization, proudly announces the addition of Mr. Abhishek Chadha to its Advisory Board. Mr. Chadha, the visionary Founder and CEO of The KariGhars, brings over 15 years of esteemed experience in luxury interior design and a celebrated history of entrepreneurship, marked by multiple successful ventures and numerous accolades.

“We are delighted to welcome Abhishek Chadha to our team,” stated [Wilson K], CEO of SpikeOn Digital. “His unparalleled expertise in design and keen investment insights are exactly what SpikeOn needs as we continue to innovate and expand our technological capabilities. Abhishek’s guidance will be crucial as we aim to redefine industry standards and enhance our service offerings.”

Abhishek Chadha’s addition to the board is expected to bolster SpikeOn Digital’s commitment to excellence and its mission to lead the digital revolution in design and technology. His role will be instrumental in steering the company towards groundbreaking achievements, enhancing client offerings, and driving sustainable growth.

“With great excitement, I join SpikeOn’s Advisory Board. I look forward to contributing to the company’s dynamic strategies and helping to sculpt a future where technology and design converge to create unparalleled user experiences,” said Mr. Chadha.

The SpikeOn team is enthusiastic about the strategic direction and fresh perspectives Mr. Chadha will bring to the organization.

For further information about SpikeOn Digital’s initiatives and future plans, please visit spikeondigital.com

Date: 26th, May, 2024

Place: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.  

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