Should Your Business Invest in Digital Marketing: Weighing the Benefits of Digital Marketing

Simply diving into digital without proper evaluation can sink your efforts! Before setting sail, it’s wise to thoroughly assess if digital marketing is the right course for your business and brand. By taking time to weigh the tangible benefits of digital marketing against the potential risks and drawbacks, you can determine if the journey ahead seems smooth or treacherous. Factor in your business goals, resources, target audience, and competitive landscape. 

While digital delivers attractive opportunities to widen your reach and better engage customers, reckless strategies without proper foresight could run you aground. 

With eyes open to both favorable winds and stormy seas, you can make a thoughtful decision to invest in digital as a core strategy or keep it as part of your broader marketing mix.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing opens up a world of opportunities to connect with customers. Here are 10 compelling benefits of digital marketing:

1. Access a larger audience 

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to connect with audiences anywhere in the world who have internet access. This allows you to break into new geographical markets and demographics that were previously out of reach with traditional marketing methods constrained by physical location and distribution. 

The massive global internet audience of over 4.66 billion users represents an unprecedented opportunity to expand your customer base. 

2. Lower costs

 Digital channels are more affordable than traditional print, TV and radio. Quality content costs, but distribution is very low cost. This makes digital marketing extremely scalable.

3. Higher conversions

Online shopping and interactive content convert higher than traditional methods. Studies show digital can increase leads by up to 200%. The convenience and personalization of digital interactions make prospects more likely to convert and make purchases.

4. Personalized experiences

Analytics and data allow you to tailor messaging to audience needs and interests. Personalized content performs exponentially better than generic outreach, leading to higher engagement. 

5. Improved visibility

Digital marketing opens up more avenues to get your brand name and content in front of audiences through avenues like search engines, social platforms, online ads, and distributed content. This expands brand exposure and strengthens recognition and trust through consistent omnichannel presence.

6. More engagement

Social media, apps and games drive meaningful engagement between customers and brands. This builds loyalty.

7. Better ROI measurement

Robust analytics make it easier to track digital marketing ROI across the customer journey. This quantifies spend and optimizes efforts.

8. 24/7 availability 

Digital presences like websites and social channels remain open round the clock, catering to customers in different time zones and schedules.

9. Enhanced customer service

Digital provides new avenues like chat, messaging, and online portals for convenient, responsive customer service and support.

10. Future-proof strategy

Digital is the primary way consumers engage with brands today. Focusing here future-proofs marketing as traditional channels decline.

With these benefits of digital marketing for your business , it’s clear why 70% of marketers say digital is core to their overall strategy. However, pursuing digital marketing also comes with potential disadvantages.

What are the risks of digital marketing? 

While the upsides are plentiful, consider these 7 risks before investing:

1. Requires technical expertise

Mastering constantly evolving digital channels and tools requires specialized expertise in web development, analytics, and design. Lacking these skills in-house can undermine efforts.

2. More competition

The low barrier to entry online brings many more competitors vying for attention. Cutting through the noise is an ongoing challenge.

3. Content saturation

Customers are overloaded with content at every turn. Producing standout content that engages takes creativity and insight.

4. Security vulnerabilities 

Hacks, data breaches, and cyber threats pose huge risks for brands handling customer data online. Staying secure requires vigilance.

5. Measurement challenges

While the data abounds, accurately measuring the ROI of specific digital efforts can still prove difficult despite analytic advances.

6. Platform volatility 

Relying heavily on ever-changing social, search, and retail platforms brings unpredictability as algorithms and policies evolve.

7. Ongoing investment required

Digital marketing isn’t a one-and-done effort. Channels must be continuously optimized, content refreshed, and new technologies adopted to keep pace. While risky, the expansive benefits often outweigh the disadvantages for brands able to invest knowledgeable resources. Conducting due diligence around security, platform stability, and measurement will also help mitigate certain risks.


Weighing these key pros and cons helps determine if digital marketing is the right move for your business to acquire and retain customers in today’s digital-first world. With ample benefits from expanded reach to better targeting, it delivers significant advantages. 

But the risks around competition, saturation, and technical demands shouldn’t be ignored. Taking a strategic approach and partnering with SpikeOn’s digital experts can help your brand attract more leads!

SpikeOn offers the complete package – our experts analyze your business goals, assess the competitive landscape, identify growth opportunities and chart an integrated digital strategy using the latest data-driven tactics.

At SpikeOn, we don’t just execute digital marketing, we shape its future possibilities. With data-driven strategic insights and cutting-edge innovation, we navigate the digital seas to help brands succeed online.

What do you think – is now the time for your brand to set sail into digital waters? 

With eyes open to both benefits and risks, you can embark on an integrated digital strategy that smooths the voyage ahead even amidst stormy seas!

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